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Basketball Training Syllabus




The Complete Basketballer Roadmap was uniquely crafted to provide an objective-based and quantifiable training program for all our students. 

Each stage in the roadmap serves as a “target badge” for the players. 


It paves the way for our students to visualize the “player they are going to become” during each phase. More importantly, it also creates an easier pathway to role specializing and creates thinking sportsmen that can excel in other sports.


This roadmap not only serves as a target for all trainees, it also serves as a motivation for them to focus on a certain set of skills during their own time. Competing against their personalized training plan set by their private basketball coaches, students are pushed to complete the different stages as soon as possible to achieve the “target badges”.


From the time of signing up with our private basketball lessons, a complete beginner can expect to progress upwards through different stages of competency.

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